Sexy and flexible Eliza Jane is back for day two of her training. Xander trains Eliza to take his dick while she is restrained in the hardest bondage positions: two suspensions, a wide open doggie and a legs splayed open missionary. Weighted nipple clamps and copious heavy flogging keep Eliza enthusiastic, and Xander delivers the sexual dominance in spades. Great job Eliza!When a trainee tells me they do not have orgasms I am suspicious. This tells me there is a disconnect that just will not do in the arena of sexual servitude. I feel compelled to get to the bottom of things, and in Yhivi's case I happily strap her ass to an exam chair and splay that pussy wide open to discover just what this Trouble with Yhivi is all about.homemade bdsm tit torture pictures
When Ramon's girlfriend tries to break up with him, he wants her to know what she will be missing and gives her one last hard fuck like she has never had. Big tit blonde bombshell Bridgette B is dragged to the basement and punished before being ass fucked in tight bondage.This update includes: bondage, hard spanking, sloppy blow jobs, big tit fucking, hardcore anal sex, pussy fucking in bondage, dominance and submission.
I save my breast bondage torment implement for my most disobedient victims.Freja gagged naked and spred-eagle tied
Our little Nympho MILF is learning a little about grace under pressure on her journey through the Training of O. She is also getting fucked in the ass allot. In this installment, Veronica Avluv is taken back to the dungeon where she must prove herself worthy to return to a plush, domestic setting.Avluv is first made to suffer the cowgirl trainer, a simple device designed to make or break a slave girls ability to 'Do The Work'. Once past this trial, she may proceed to getting some real cock. First her face is brutally fucked in a blaze between masturbation, pussy control and deep throat skills.TTOO is famed for it's brutal cowgirl fucks, and Veronica applies herself to the task with a vengeance. Once her pussy is heated, she can accomplish anything, and she slams that huge gimp dick with her pretty little pussy for all she is worth.When we finally sink that cock into her waiting asshole, she cannot control the overwhelming orgasms and she is gone. Watching this slut get her ass pounded into oblivion in the name of servitude has a poetic justice to it. Is she good enough? You decide.
tits and pussy torture photosHot tough chicks Mona Wales and Mistress Kara close up the bar and head to the tail end of an after party where they join Phoenix Marie in dominating hog young thing Abella Danger! The evening quickly escalates from spanking, foot worship and pussy licking to florentine flogging, intense fisting, severe humiliation, pussy and anal strap-on, and strap-on DP!When a beautiful but desperate grad student applies for a housekeeping job at a mysterious estate, her new job duties take her to the dark side of service, bondage and sex.Juliette March play a sexy and vulnerable young woman drawn into Derrick Pierce's house of domination. Juliette submits to Derrick's bondage, nipple clamps, gags, whipping, hard anal sex and sexy, sexy humiliation.amateur bdsmAshley Graham was not ready for this. She thought if she was a snarky bitch that we would just beat her a little and things would be even.
You couldn't have thought we were done with Bella Rossi already. View at her assets. Those massive globes, that tight butt, that flawless cunt; there's no way we were going to finish with her after just one quick flick. To tell the truth, tho', she isn't done with us either. She isn't some piece of rump we found on the streets. Bella came to us, asking to be used and manhandled in the worst of ways.When James finds out from his step dad that his soon to be wife is a whore, all hell breaks loose.  Denice K gets put in bondage and must endure abasing tough sex and double invasion by her future husband and his step father!

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Sizzling ass fucking luving blond stunner Riley Reyes loves when Tommy Pistol trains her to be his slave. Tommy wastes no time in teaching the fundamentals: Posture, Eye Contact and Gratitude. With the basics in mitt, Riley is well-prepped to stir on to hard anal submission. Restrain Bondage, gags, discipline, whips and rough sex cram the rest of the curriculum for slave trainee Riley Reyes.Jessie Rogers and Riley Evans work in an underground drug operation where they try to steal some of the product.  Bad Idea!  Head guard, Chanel Preston, turns them over to the cruel and ruthless crime boss, Mark Davis, who makes them pay through intense sex, punishment and strict bondage!  Two beautiful and busty girl's darkest fantasies come true in this feature update!You have seen Tiffany Tyler before, this lengthy legged ultra-cutie is as gorgeous as marvelous comes.  She is pliable and multi-orgasmic. Now you get to watch the first-ever scene she ever did for us.  This is the meet and greet with Tiffany, where we gauge her strengths, weaknesses, we do all the bondage on screen.  This is the very type of scene that you, the members, can easily do at home.  Watch and learn, this update is for you.
We simply truss her elbows and wrists tightly together.  In less than 30 seconds this tall, lean flexible gal is 100% helpless.  We add a neck wire and have fun breath games. The danger makes her beaver cascading humid, she is scared but sexually aroused. We own her now sexually and she doesn't even know it.  We add nip clamps, flog her and then pull her palms up in a brutish strappado.  The vibro makes her spunk over and over. She is defenseless, we make her jizz at will until she is fatigued.  Now we pull the strappado bondage tighter and make her endure until we comeback. When we do comeback she will do anything we want...19 year old blond cutie gets fucked every which way but loose in this sexy hard core update. With flogging, slapping,fucking and squirting!She is young and naive. Perfect submissive fodder for some mean old man to come along and take advantage of. It's a good thing she came to me first or who know what would have happened to her.Sarcasm aside, she has big, beautiful natural tits. And, they can take a good clamping of the nipples. I like this. I view it as a strength in her training and use it frequently throughout. First, by making her great tits totally vulnerable and then by clamping them up with a dozen or so clothespins and making her orgasm in a tough stress position. Good times.Then there is a cock sucking. Watching that huge gimp dick disappear down her slippery throat is the highlight of my day. It is right up there with watching her struggle through a difficult cowgirl fuck that burns out her weak, pathetic little thighs. Oh slave trainee, you have miles to go before you rest.
Little Dude HandledFirm Hand SmackingBritney is just getting her feet wet with BDSM. She's reluctant to do much more than poke her toe in, so today we make the day an exploration into this world and see if she can handle it. She is apprehensive about what she is willing to do, so we take it a pace that she can handle. Britney gets close to tapping out a few times, but holds on with everything that she has and gets through the shoot.bondage picture
Cradle of Pain Gallery #96Bondage sluts are bound, gagged and made to be their masters bitches

Trainer's Report

Subject License:  178
Session Id: 5363


Squat and recite the goals:
Identity and Ache

1. Master, thank you Sir.
2. Control nervous laughter
3. Ejaculation ONLY when in ache
4. Head and eye alignment
Conduct Rating:  +3 Demerits 
How To Penalize

subject understands that the device is less significant than the intent.
demeaning face smacking
made to stand in high heels 
How To Reward

Hoods,  Breath-have fun,  Ejaculations 

zippers, clamps, clothespins
Trainer's Gambit

The first thing is to pay her debt.
She owes us for her demerit.
Suggest a gambit:  5 lucky mins w/ the cane in swap for for 3  merits.
Failure earns her a day of penalty.
Core Abilities In Anguish Management

The Training Crop
'Sir, sate hurt me Sir.'
Identify Criterion For Abilities Assessment

Fortunate agony management is:
Regular Sighing
No Sweating
Actively taking part, Introduce
Progressively take more
Setback is:
Not actively active

Psychological Elements


Elderly associations of submission with a meek, weaker prior self block current reaches into slavehood, manifesting as symptoms of reactance and disappointment and causing a confusing inward struggle.
Reactance: 'an emotional response in direct contradiction to rules or regulations that threaten or eliminate specific behavioral freedoms.' 
Is it possible that the decision to relinquish one's authority can be considered a 'free-for-all behaviour'?
Psych Assessment

Who is she and what is she good for?
(given in her order, under duress)
taking anguish
throating beefstick
taking orders
cleaning up mess
to view at

Cannot keep hands off the rod
Adequate mechanism, cock-squeezing lips

Trussed in painful pose
Ordered to fap
Endures stunningly

Clean-shaved cootchie
Tight and responsive
Slow to orgasm
Takes a stiff poundng well

Proprioception: definition
Gayle Rubins: bio
Paul Gebhard (1969)
Bonnie is in the hot seat, getting caned while she is force-fed a dildo. She is screaming like she doesn't enjoy it, but that's not the sound we want to hear today. We're going to find the kind of pain that turns her on so we can hear her moan like the true masochist she is. A dull cane gives us a sharp scream, so we'll see if the sting of the whip will get us a few of the soft moans we want.anime bondage
women in painful tit tormentWhen Violet Monroe complains about the noise next door, the Machinist snatches the nosey neighbor and uses her as a sexual test subject for his latest creation.Violet Monroe loves rough sex and hard anal fucking, and she shines when Owen Gray sink his huge dick into her hungry ass. Bondage, corporal punishment and creepy domination wrapped up in a story line that draws you in make this a hot, hot Sex and Submission feature update!Masked and corseted - a ache slut is introduce to tit bondage.The Manager must see how she handles ache and how she responds sexually, to see if she is worth my time.sexual slave tit fucking torture
Man made things aren't the only torturous devices out there - nature itself has a few of their ownsexual slave tit fucking torture
japanese bondageFelony is game for anything.  This busty brunette is extremely horny and turned on by rough treatment and hard fucking from Derrick Pierce.  She is objectified and punished in our custom build wall stockade.  Being double jointed, Felony is tied extra tight and fucked mercilessly in her pussy and ass.  Her body uncontrollably releases a ton of liquid as she comes from a powerful vibrator while suspended.  She obeys, sucks cock like a champ, loves hard anal sex and can be bound in virtually any position.  What more can you ask for?Dark-hued slave-girl licking leg of her white dominatrix

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The very sexy Mona Wales gets an exciting BDSM and rough sex scene with Xander Corvus!Marica is back on the pages of DB, and this time Orlando gets his turn with this Japanese bondage sensation. She is capable of taking some of the toughest bondage positions, but we're not sure she's ready for the sadism that he brings to set. Rope has some give, some room to move or wiggle, but not cold steel, and she realizes that quickly. She is trapped and helpless and made to endure her twisted fate at the hands of a true sadist.Outdoor Needle Pain
woman tortures her own big titsShe appears in all Latex, head to toe. She is tall, skinny and exotic, so she is displayed on a lit examination table. Her pussy is assaulted with trio Hitachis and stimulated until she cannot take any more. Her nips are the next target with clamps applied and the Wartenberg wheel tantalizing her already sensitive nipples. Extraordinary bastinade on her highly sesitive soles crams the bedroom with moans.Next she is tied by leather in our dentist chair. Meticulously, pegs are added to her mild skin, all which have their own line. This means they all will come off at once, rather than like a zipper, but not before she is tormented with violet wand. Her throat is restricted open with dental wedges, which allows us to witness into her jaws while keeping it spread wide.The day comes to a close and we have her butt on show. She is held in place by a custom steel instrument that keeps her pretty lil' face up so that we can enjoy her yells and expressions of enduring. Again her body is tantalized, and then an butt hook is shoved in her taut donk and trussed to her head.O.T. is conducting an experiment. If he pushes Marica Hase as close as he can to orgasm and then holds her there, will her mind or her body break first. Marica is shackled in place with her legs spread for easy access. O.T.'s got two vibrators and a metal pussy hook pumping her for moans for three quarters of an hour with no release.
Welcome to Tag Team Tuesdays. Totally non-scripted, all in front of a live audience, all broadcast live to members. Today's update is RD Two of Four.
With Kiki Koi injured in the first plump, Rain DeGrey steps out of the crowd to join The Dragons. Ultimate Surrender is a non-scripted tough fitness.  The choice was add Rain to the team or dangle the match. We chose to continue the showcase and now the Dragons have an advantage of talent.
Can The Ninja's dangle on to there lead?  Will Rain peak the balance of the match in the Dragons favor?  Or will the Pirates reach even deeper and pull out an upset? Anything is possible.Cougar reference librarian, Syren De Mer is nothing but helpful to student Virgin Ripped when she's researching Domination & Submission in sapphic relationships for her dissertation which leads them into deep storage to search for a very particular journal or at least that's what Syren thinks. Though, Syren briefly learns that Cherry has something more arms on for her research and Syren can't help but totally submit to Cherry's demands. Watch this nasty Milf get smacked, punished, suspended and made to worship slit and butt then strap-on humped rock-hard in her cunt and ass.bondage pictureMaddy O'Reilly tries to pretend like she is the girl-next-door but when you hear about her sexual fantasies you know it's all a sham. This is a girl that loves getting plowed so deep from both ends that it feels like the cocks might meet in the middle. 10 inches of big black cock buried to the hilt in her perfectly shaved pussy it is the happiest feeling Maddy knows.

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